Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Easter, A day for the Easter Bunny?" 20th Meeting of the Term (2013/2014)

Malaysia and their endless holidays. (Not that I'm complaining. More time and themes for toastmasters meeting days, such as this meeting theme "Easter, a day for the Easter bunny?". 

Toastmasters Ashikin Aidura called meeting to order

During Presidential Opening Address, President Dylan Chew told us the gist of the celebration of easter. After that, President Dylan Chew asked us to introduce ourselves along with what we would like to forgo (Word of the day).
President Dylan Chew

Toastmaster of the morning Leon Saw telling us the brief history of how toastmasters came about before proceeding to the table topic session.

Table Topic Master(yours truly) calling out volunteers/ victims

Table topic Speaker
Vishnu and his table topic "Jellybeans or easter eggs"

Leon remembers how he had a pink coloured chick when he was a small boy in his table topic
"Don't count your chicken before they hatch"

 Desmond manage to give a very meaningful message about his grandma in his table topic
"How would I decorate my Easter Eggs?"

Johan thinking deeply for his table topic
"Hiding or Hunting the Easter eggs?"

Wilson explains metaphorically how we all wear costumes in his table topic
"Dressing up in a bunny costume"

Table Topic evaluation session
Shalini gave a thorough evaluation to all the table topic speakers. We sure learned a lot from it.

Prepared speech session
Katherine Wong(Wilson's sis), TM from Taylor's Subang Jaya with Icebreaker speech
entitled "Childish or Childlike"

Adrian, from IICS Toastmasters Club with his speech "The Beauty in a woman"

Timeeee for evaluation session

General Evaluator Albert gave his feedback in general about the meeting.

"You've got the 2A's. Articulation and Annunciation", Desmond evaluates icebreaker Katherine's speech. 

Ashikin evaluates Adrian's speech

Grammarian (Gramanazi) Yean Yi, praises the audience for making her job easy this meeting by having a good command of English.

Ah-counter Wilson Wong made the ah-counter report interesting indeed.

Azwan giving his timekeeper's report

**Drumrolllsssss** and have your picture taken

Best table topic Speaker, Vesnu

Token of appreciation given to General Evaluator, Albert Chua

Look who decided to drop by!
 Previous Term(2012/2013) VPPR Shaun Liew

 Photo of the day

Written by 
Rachel Hiu
Vice President of Public relations
Taylor's University Toastmasters Club

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Prankster or Prankee? 19th Meeting of Term

Though April Fools has come and gone, that doesn't mean we at Taylor's Lakeside Toastmasters can't enjoy a good old everyday prank. This time around, the club saw a full house, with many of the new students who signed on from Clubs and Societies Day coming in to see what Toastmasters is all about.

The meeting starts with the Vice President of Education Yean Yi giving the presidential opening address to the crowd. After a round of introductions by members and guests, the floor is turned over to the Toastmaster of the Morning, which also happen to be Yean Yi

The floor is then turned to Azwan Jamaluddin as Table Topics Master, whose table topic titles are all song based.

First up on the floor is Wilson Wong with the title, "What would you say to your crush who goes to the same laundry" (Song is Freeze Ray by Neil Patrick Harris). The audience was left with both laughter and awkwardness.

Next we have the topic "Hakuna Matata". The volunteer simply sang the song in the style of William Shatner. It was glorious, as all William Shatner style songs are.

Our next volunteer, Dharishini Devi Vellayadevan, had the theme song from Cheers, the topic being "You wanna go where everybody knows your name". Instead of such a place, she rather go to a place where nobody knows your name, being able to get away with more things.

Last but not least, Zahir Ahmad with the song "When I Was Your Age" by George Hrab. He gave advice to his future children about how things are different when he was their age.

After the table topics is, of course, the table topics evaluation done by Chai Siew Hong.

We get into the meat of the meeting with the prepared speech sessions, starting with "Yay or Nay" done by Dharishini Devi Vellayadevan.

Next up, Lalitha with hr speech "What's The Difference?", with her explaining the difference between debate and Toastmasters.

Afterwards, "Imperfections" by Abigail Keeying Wong teaching us not to woory so much about being imperfect.

Finally we have Ashikin Aidura, with "My Starbucks Experience". Unfortunately, there was no free Starbucks but fortunately, there was a lot of life lessons to learn.


The next session is the evaluation session, with our General Evaluator, SK Liew leading off with the speech evaluators, with Moses Wong evaluating Dharishini Devi Vellayadevan, Joey Wong evaluating Lalitha, Wilson Wong evaluating Abigail Keeying Wong and Ron Leong evaluating Ashikin Aidura

Next is the role players report, with Timer Cathy Zhang, Ah counter 

Shaun Liew and Grammarian Thiiban Paskaran.

Finally, the award ceremony with the winners of Best Speech goes to Lalitha, and best evaluator Wilson Wong. 

And no meeting is complete without a group photo. Here's hoping our guest had a good time and will be with us for many more meetings. Or become a member, that will be good as well.

Shamsul Azwan Bin Jamaluddin, CC
Vice President of Membership

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hollywood, or Bollywood? TUTMC 18th Meeting of the Term

Taylor's University Toastmasters are at it again!
This time it is the 18th Meeting of the 4th year the club is running. The theme was...
Hollywood? or Bollywood?

What could be installed...?

Club President Dylan Chew, CL acknowledge the presence of dear members and guest and ask for a short introduction from everybody and which they personally preferred

Hollywood or Bollywood?
From Tree Hugging to Slow-motion fighting.
From flawless story telling to unnecessary explosions.
There were many opinions about it!

We had around 18 in attendance at our venue at
Block D level 1, Classroom 8

Leon Saw being the emcee or Toastmaster of the Morning!

An invocation speech was presented by Zahir Ahmad ACB, CL regarding how hard it is to be patient and fulfill resolutions.

"Why do people still drive into SmartTag lanes? Chances are there is a reader malfunction and a queue will form. While I will use the empty Touch'N'Go Lane and be on my way~"

Table Topics was different this time.
There were 2 role-play topics which pulled out the spontaneity between partners.

Romeo & Juliet. (Gender reversed)

Car broke down. No Phone reception in the dessert.

Zahir & Prethiba *Having too much fun.*

University guest Mok, displaying his own flair.

Desmond giving he's professional  take on the Table Topic event.

We had two prepared speakers for the morning.

First up was Jason from Sunway TMC. 
He talked about being individually unique, quoting from the Book "How to make friends and influence People"

Next was club member Azwan ,CC

Motioning Poetry - Azwan's attempt at Poetry in the Advance Manual - Interpretive Reading.
"Seek and you shall find this, the blind shall lead the blind into destruction"

Then it was the Evaluation session where Zahir ACB, CL & Ramdas Nayar, DTM were evaluators for the speakers involved.

Zahir said "I thought you nailed your speech objectives of appropriate Body Language, as for the speech organization, I felt that I heard several stories which did not tie into one."

Ramdas offered "Poetry is about delivering on behalf of the poet with their emotions".

Lastly is the role players report.

Club Treasurer, Pravinan Lai, TM who doesn't have a picture here due to he's overwhelming appearance was Grammarian and did not cause any 'Bloopers' on his end.

Dylan Chew, CL reported as Ah-Counter despite he's additional chore as Table Topic Master.

Adam, TM with his Time Keeper Report.

DTM, Ramdas Nayar who is the Immediate-Past District Governor offered plenty of usable input for the club to consider.

Today's winners are ~~~

Table Topics role-play win by Prethiba & Zahir

DTM, Ramdas Nayar, graced our event as the General Evaluator.

Overall, enjoyable meeting as always. Looking forward to covering more Club events!

Written on behalf of VPPR Rachel Hiu 
Zahir Ahmad
Immediate Past-President
Taylor's University Toastmasters Club